Very little drop

by other drops surrounded

Formed explicit stream

all in one united


All drops together

like in a swiss watch

With style and shape and features

most perfect ideal match


Relaxed and very slow

with different streams within

River smoothly flowed

so used to her routine


Predicted situation

surely not aware

 River lost the ground

not being prepared


Sudden sense of falling

having no control

Increasing speed and chaos

independent flow


Time and space collapsed

streams exchanged the drops

What was on a bottom

now arrived on top


Very litte drop

without a smallest scratch

Part of brand new stream

found a different match

Every human is like a drop of water in the river of 7.3 billion people. We are always a match to certain group of people (streams). Throughout the life those people (friends, lovers, members of the family) can come and go. Letting go of someone can be the scariest and most difficult thing to do and at the same time most natural way to create space for new more suitable relationships.